About Us

Owner Matty Terranova has been providing customers with the freshest, highest quality products for over 40 years. Whether at the East Brunswick Fish Market, which he successfully owned and operated for over 35 years, or the highly acclaimed Steakhouse 85, Matty has been guided by the philosophy of serving his guests the finest food, while providing unmatched service.

After a failed attempt at retiring in 2005. Matty met Chef Brian Karluk, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and shortly after they collaborated on their specialties: Beef and Seafood. These simple American staples combined make a classic Steakhouse menu. A family man, Matty’s wife and grown children actively participate in the operation of the restaurant. This family atmosphere permeates the entire staff, creating a warm and inviting place to dine. These philosophies have been the guiding principles that have allowed Steakhouse 85 to become one of the premier steakhouses in New Jersey.